When the going gets tough!

This was always going to be the difficult day, the day that I was going to find the most difficult - 29 km it almost 20 miles. Would my feet last the pace?  Would I last the pace?

I have to admit that it was hard going but, it wouldn't be a challenge if it wasn't just that - hard going. 

So, how did I keep going?  Knowing that I wasn't going on my own. Even though I was towards the back, others were always there to check up on me and keep me going.  There are indeed times when we need that word of encouragement.  Yet, we can be a bit too proud to ask for help. We go it alone. We work under our own steam.  We are too proud to ask for help. 

I could not have done today without the help, support and encouragement of others. But that is what it means to be a pilgrim - to lean on God and lean on each other.  It's also about learning - learning from experience, from God and each

            Brother, sister, let me serve you;
                Let me be as Christ to you;
          Pray that I might have the grace to
                Let you be my servant, too.

              We are pilgrims on a journey;
                We are family on the road;
            We are here to help each other
           Walk the miles and bear the load.