Please pause with me at 12 noon today to continue to reflect on the current situation but also the love and mercy of God.

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          The New Wellwynd Parish Church, Airdrie


Psalm 32

Happy are those whose sins are forgiven,
    whose wrongs are pardoned.
2 Happy is the one whom the Lord does not accuse of doing wrong
   and who is free from all deceit.
3 When I did not confess my sins,
   I was worn out from crying all day long.
4 Day and night you punished me, Lord;
   my strength was completely drained,
   as moisture is dried up by the summer heat.
5 Then I confessed my sins to you;
   I did not conceal my wrongdoings.
   I decided to confess them to you,
   and you forgave all my sins.
6 So all your loyal people should pray to you in times of need;
   when a great flood of trouble comes rushing in,
   it will not reach them.
7 You are my hiding place;
   you will save me from trouble.
   I sing aloud of your salvation,
   because you protect me.
8 The Lord says, “I will teach you the way you should go;
   I will instruct you and advise you.
9 Don't be stupid like a horse or a mule,
   which must be controlled with a bit and bridle
   to make it submit.”
10 The wicked will have to suffer,
     but those who trust in the Lord
     are protected by his constant love.
11 You that are righteous, be glad and rejoice
     because of what the Lord has done.
     You that obey him, shout for joy!


Jesus Take Me As I Am
I Can Come No Other Way
Take Me Deeper Into You
Make My Flesh Life Melt Away

Make Me Like A Precious Stone
Crystal Clear And Finely Honed
Life Of Jesus Shining Through
Giving Glory Back To You


Eternal God,
you have set before us the great hope
that your kingdom will come on earth,
and have taught us to pray for its coming.
Make us ready to thank you
for the signs of its dawning,
and to pray and work for the perfect day
when your will shall be done on earth
as it is in heaven;
through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen.