There will be a half hour service at 12 noon which can be accessed through our website - 
it is being live-streamed from the Manse!!! Tune in on -

The readings for today are -

Psalm 148

Mark 14: 32 - 42

Whoever you are, whatever your belief, wherever you are,
I invite you to stop for a moment at 12 noon to join me by watching the live stream
or taking the time to read a portion of Scripture/prayer/ or just reflect on 
what is happening in the world and our shared humanity.


Collect (little prayer for the day) -

O Christ, the Master Carpenter,
who at the last, through wood and nails,
purchased our whole salvation,
wield well your tools
in the workshop of your world,
so that we who come rough-hewn to your
may here be fashioned
to a truer beauty of your hand.
We ask it for your own name’s sake. Amen.