Please pause with me at 12 noon today to continue to reflect on the current situation but also the love and mercy of God.

Readings -

Psalm 146

Isaiah 60: 17 - 22

Acts 9: 1 - 20


Isaiah looks to the future with hope which is my encouragement to you all today,looking to a day when God's people will be set free from all the present day restrictions when his light will shine through the darkness.

Saul's conversion when he "saw the light" is a reminder of how God can turn round lives and situations in life, that God's line shines not just on the world but upon each and every one of us.

He is a personal God, one we can know in Christ Jesus in a deeply personal way.  

And in this time if isolation and lock-down it is a great encouragement to us all!


Please pause to pray or just time to reflect and remember the world around and the community on our doorstep.


Collect (small prayer) -

Ever present God,

this day enfolds us and surrounds us:

be in our speaking and in our thinking;

be in our life and on our lips;

be in our hearts and in our souls;

today and for ever. Amen.