Good morning

I attach a copy of readings for the coming week which starts a journey through Romans. We will take a break from Romans when Lent starts next month.  I am preparing readings and reflections for then.

I am going back to my habit of stopping at 12 noon for a time of devotion as I use the “Daily Office” along with these readings.  And, Monday to Friday the next four weeks I will be praying for members/families by name.  This week will be those in Districts 1 to 17, remembering members and their elders.  Most days this will be in the church but some days it will be here at the manse.


I do this and offer this in love and in faith to you, in the faith summed up by these words of Paul at Philippians 4: 13 which I hope offer a hope to each and every one of you -

"Christ gives me the strength to face anything.”


The service today will be live streamed at 11 a.m. and Delve in at 12 will be live streamed on Wednesday at 12 noon.

As always and sincerely I sign off with love, thoughts and prayers.

Your friend and minister