As the weather is so cold and it looks like continuing, we are asking the Congregation for unwanted winter outdoor clothes for the children in our area and North Lanarkshire.


COATS – JACKETS-SCARVES-GLOVES-HATS -TIGHTS -SOCKS ages from 5 upwards to TEENS are desperately needed, especially as the young ones are going back to school soon.


I know of a school in the area ( I know there will be others) where before Christmas some wee souls were coming to school with shoes – NO socks or tights, a  shirt, a cardigan and NO coat or jacket!! Horrendous in 2021 and on our doorstep too.


If you can donate to this appeal please drop off the items at - 


                  ->   4 ETIVE DRIVE, ML6 9QQ or I can collect from your home if you leave the                             bag outside your door.


                   ->   hand in to the Manse


Alternatively any cash donations will go to buying warm clothes – Please help if you can.


Maggie Weir  tel 356651 

This appeal will run till end of March at least