The Congregational Board consists of 17 Elders from the Kirk Session and 16 Members of the congregation, elected at the Stated Annual Meeting.  While elders are ordained for life, members from the congregation are elected for a term of three years.  At the end of the three years, they are eligible for re-election and, in practice, often are appointed for a further three years.

The board’s responsibilities cover matters concerning finance and the property of the church – i.e. the church, halls and manse.  A budget for the coming year, prepared by the treasurer, is presented to the board in November each year.

The Stated Annual Meeting must be held before the end of June each year.

Principal Officer Bearers

Treasurer – Mr David J. Watt
Clerk to the Board – Mr Harry A. Shaw

The Congregational Board Committees

Fabric Committee - William A. Watson
Finance Committee - Andrew Paul