Worship is at the heart of who we are and what we are about here at New Wellwynd.  Our main service takes place on a Sunday at 11am.  You will be met at the door by members of the Welcome Committee, whose duty it is to make you feel part of our family.  You will receive a hymnbook and an order of service, including an intimation sheet, which gives details of what's going on in the life of the church for the coming week. It also provides information about the day's service so that, if you are new to our church, you will know precisely what is going on. 

Points to note about our Sunday service:

  • Hymns are usually taken from the hymnbook but some are printed on the sheet. A member of the congregation assists the Minister by reading the lessons for the day and another member leads on one of the prayers.
  • The Choir participates by singing an introit to prepare for worship as well as leading the congregation in praise.
  • The children play an active part in the service interacting with the Minister before they go to their own activities in the halls.
  • An offering is uplifted as part of the service to help the work of the church. This includes assisting with funds for local projects as well as meeting our obligations as Christians with respect to national and international appeals for help. Each offering is dedicated by one of the Duty Team.
  • At the close of the service, after the Benediction, there is a sung blessing. Tea and Coffee are available in the large hall at the close of the service.  There is also a Tradecraft Stall where 'fair trade' products can be purchased, helping the Church to play its part in creating a fairer world for all.