ADVENT BLOG Named by God - I am. . . the truth . . .

“Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life.””
(John 14:6)

The world can be such a noisy place with voices coming at us from all directions as we are very often pulled in different ways at times.  All too often we hear promises made - from politicians promising us the prospect of a better future through to adverts selling the product or service that will change our lives.  Our heads can be buzzing as we try to process what we hear and attempt to discover where the truth actually lies.  In the “I AM sayings” Jesus takes us in a certain direction and that involves heading towards realising that, as the fulfilment of the promises of God, he epitomises the truth, because he is the truth.

Declaring “I am” along with “the truth” is the assurance that what Jesus promises, he commits to because a true promise manifests itself in just that, commitment to another.  Here is the assurance that we need to hear and long to hear at times - what God says, he does and what Christ says, he does as well.  All of the titles are more than mere titles, they are truthful statements of what God intended to do in and through Christ, did through him and continues to do.

As the “word” and the very image of God he unlocks the truth about God, about life and about the human condition.  As the word of truth he tells us some home truths as he directs us away from the dangers we face - dangerous paths and caustic relationships which are harmful to our wellbeing.

“What is truth?” is the question Pilate asked of Jesus (John 18:38).  No answer was forthcoming as Pilate proceeded to talk to the crowd.  The answer is found in Jesus himself as the marrying of his words and actions brought to life the truth, to silence the voices that deafen us.

What is truth?  What lessons can Jesus teach you?  How can you live out the truth of God in your life?

Father, You promised that in Christ we would know the truth 
and that the truth would set us free, 
and You also promised that the Holy Spirit would guide us into all truth. 
Lord this is my desire, 
to know the truth, 
to know the Lord Jesus better, 
and to know Him more and more abundantly.