Dear Friends,

sketchchurch2.jpgI am delighted to be able to say a few words about your local church, the New Wellwynd. In the midst of a climate of doubt and concern about the health of the Church of Scotland, of which I am sure many of you are aware, it gives me great pleasure to say that we are alive and well!

As a congregation, we are a group of people committed to a life of worship and service as we strive to follow the example and teaching of Jesus Christ. We are a family committed to each other as we try to help and support each other in love. We are also a group who are committed to service this parish, and that also means each one of you.

Here at the New Wellwynd, we always try to promote a sense of community and a family atmosphere, and do hope that you will consider joining us for worship on Sunday morning. We also hope that you will find a group or a task that might interest you. We offer an open door to all people of all backgrounds – whether you are searching for fulfilment, looking for friendship or yearning for a sense of belonging. This is your church, just as much as it is ours.

Yours in Christ’s name,

Robbie Hamilton



Mission Statement

We, ‘The New Wellwynd’, aim to be a vibrant, caring, worshipping community of faith, which relates well to God, involving all members, with significant outreach to the wider community.

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