11th MARCH

Catching a glimpse of God’s plan - persistence

Luke 11: 5 - 13

“. . . ask and it will be give to you;  seek and you will find;  knock and the door will be opened..”

“Blessed are those who expect nothing for they will never be disappointed.”  This phrase of an uncle of mine has stayed with me over the years.  What do we expect when we pray?  Are we looking for that sign in the sky or even that instant answer.  The answer might be obvious, but it also might take time to work it out which brings us to the theme of persistence.

I have been encouraged to see how important prayer has been as folk have not only continued to be faithful in prayer but also have prayed more than they have ever done before.  Someone once said to me that when life has brought you to your knees, then this is a good place to start praying.  This has been the experience of many in life and during the pandemic.

The disciples were interested in prayer which is why earlier on they asked Jesus to teach them how to pray.  Here we have part of the answer as Jesus has just given them that great blueprint of prayer, the “Lord’s Prayer”.  He talks about the importance of prayer and he continues in his discussions with them in exploring persistence in prayer.  It is tempting to give up in life when we see no clear way forward.  It is also tempting to give up on prayer when we see no obvious answers or no obvious difference in the situation that is concerning us.  This story Jesus told encourages us to keep on praying: praying through the tears, praying through the anger, praying through the pain, hurt and heartache.

Here we are told to have faith and believe that if we ask the the answer will be given.  It might not be the answer that we would  like, but it will be the answer that we need.  If we seek God with all of our heart and mind and should we will find him.  We will also find a way through.  If we knock on the door of God’s heart we will discover that it is already open to us as he welcomes us in.

  • How often do you pray?  How easy is it to give up?  What is it that keeps you going?


Lord, teach us to pray . . .

teach us to pray with humility;

teach us to pray with expectation;

teach us to pray and keep on praying.

Help us to be strong and never to give up.