18th MARCH

Catching a glimpse of what God requires - perseverance

Luke 18: 1 - 8

“. . . because this widow keeps bothering me, I will see she gets justice, so that she won’t eventually come and attack me!”


"If at first you don't succeed try, try and try again.”  This is a phrase drummed into so many of us is, of course, attributed to Robert the Bruce and his friend the spider.  It has been quoted and misquoted, yet has a truth to teach us about perseverance.


It is so tempting to give in especially when we grow tired and weary, when the going has been tough and we see no end to whatever we might be facing.  This has been the experience of many during the pandemic.  “It will all  be over by Christmas” was the phrase at the beginning of the Great War, yet this was far off the mark.  In relation to Covid I for one naively thought that it would have been over by the end of the summer and there was very little chance of that.


I have seen people grow tired as they have been unsure of what lies ahead and whether they will have what it takes to get through.  This is understandable.  I have also seen people keep going on no matter what.  From those on the frontline dealing with the sick and the dying through to those serving us in the shops and many, many more in between there has been a resolve to persevere as many have dealt with the changes and the challenges.  It takes great strength and great courage to keep going against all of the odds especially when you think that nobody is listening to you or bothering with you in any way.


The lady in the story was not going to give in until she saw that justice was done.  We’re not told what the issue was but it was serious enough for her to pose a threat to the judge.  Perhaps this is an example of first century humour as the judge worried about her coming back to, not only give him a hard time, but also to attack him!  If an unjust judge responded as this one did, then how much more likely is God to respond?


Keep at it.  Keeping going.  Keeping pushing.  I encourage people often when they are flagging.  As we considered when it came to prayer the same is true as prayer and action come together.  We must never stop praying and we must never stop realising that we have a part to play in the answer to prayer as we seek to bring in a more equal and just world for all.


  • What do you feel so strongly about that would make you as persistent as the women in the story?  What does this story say to you, challenge you even, in your prayer life?

Lord, teach us to pray . . .

inspire us to act . . . strengthen our resolve . .

that we might in your name turn the world upside down.