21st MARCH

Freedom for the meek

Matthew 5: 5

“Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth.”

Seeing me struggle to move the caravan into place a fellow holidaymaker asked if he could help.  “I’m managing fine,” was my response.  As he walked away I heard him say, “perhaps if you took the handbrake off you might get on a bit better!”  We can be too proud to take the advice of another or to accept help when struggling in some way in life.  The meek, however. are not too proud to ask for help or receive it when given.  They are humble and teachable.  But, what we’re very often taught or told is that meekness is weakness.   Yet, facing up to our limitations takes a great deal of courage.

When we don’t get our own way and are tempted to stamp our feet meekness, by contrast,  is gentle in its response. t  It doesn’t mean that we walk away or are trampled over, but it does means that we persevere or just have the good grace to listen to another’s point of view.  If we are let down by another meekness encourages us to forgive and when we have let others down meekness encourages us to say, “I’m sorry”.  When we are tempted to lord it over another it is meekness that inspires us to serve rather than be served.  It never encourages us to look down at others.  Meekness is a way of thinking affecting our attitude towards God and each other and manifests itself in how we live.

Jesus himself described himself as being meek and he was far from weak  He never walked away from a challenge, came offering forgiveness and took on the role of a servant.  He depended on God for all things as he sought to serve him and serve each and every one of us.  He was and is meekness personified.

The placing together of meekness and majesty in the song“Meekness and majesty” would seem to some as a bit of a contradiction.  Yet, when we look at Christ we seek a meekness in his bearing towards those in need that ultimately demonstrated something of the majesty of God which was expressed in love and a compassion.  Elusive as this is at times it is what we should aspire to when called to follow in the footsteps of Christ.

  • Can you think of examples of people you could truly describe as being meek?  What picture does that word conjure up in your mind? How might it manifest itself in your life?

Lord, we look to  you and to your son to be inspired in life.

May we learn from him as we also lean on him

for in learning we demonstrate a humility and meekness

which allow you in and demonstrates something of you in our living.