22nd MARCH

Freedom for the hungry and thirsty

Matthew 5: 6

“Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness for they will be filled.”

In my wider family we talk about the “Broon appetite” and I don’t think I need to explain it except to say that we like our food.  I used to watch my grandfather polish off his Sunday lunch at ours as he managed to get every piece of chicken off of the bone!  A hearty appetite is a good thing in some ways as long as it is not taken to excess!

At verse 6 we explore what it means to have an appetitie.  It is not an appetite for food, but for God and the things of God.  It is a hunger to learn from God.  It is a desire to receive from him as we experience him in and through his son Jesus.  It is an appetite for the things of God that show the world signs of God’s kingdom and that he is very much involved in the life of the world.  It is a longing to be in a relationship with God and and a healthy relationship with each other.  It is allowing God to work in our lives in a way that lead to us living in faith and living out faith.

When our hunger is physical we can often find ourselves snacking and snacking on, not what’s wholesome, but what might not be good for us or even offer us the satisfaction that we really need.  The same is true of the spiritual hunger.  We can sometimes snack on the things of God :  a bit here and a bit there.  But, yes that really satisfy us?  Does it really fill us up?  

Snacking never really fills us up and that is true of snacking when it comes to faith.  The more we immerse ourselves in God and in the Word of God the more we will be in that right place.  The more we allow God to fill our lives with good things the more we will hunger for him.  We will want to be with him more and more with him as learn of him and from him.

God wants us to feed on him every day to ensure that we never go hungry.  He wants to give us what we need to make us strong in him and strong with him beside us.  A good breakfast always sets me up for the day and that quality time with God sets us up for whatever lies ahead of us on any given day as we journey through life.  God will never disappoint us whoever we are and wherever we are.

  • Have you ever experienced that hunger for God?  How does it make you feel?  How do you take time to be filled with the good things of God?  What does it meant to you to feed on him each and every day?


open my ears to hear you . . . my eyes to see you . . .

open my heart to receive you that I might be filled and never go hungry again.