25th MARCH

Freedom through the peacemakers

Matthew 5: 9

“Blessed are peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.”

The song “Let there be peace on earth” gets to the very heart of peace in exploring, not just what it is, but where it finds its roots. 

“Let there be peace on earth . . .

Let peace begin with me

Let this be the moment now.”

It starts with any of God’s gifts to us:  it starts in us and starts with us.  It brings a peace that deep within sets our troubled hearts at rest.  We all know times when we are unsettled.  We know what it means to be pulled in different directions by tensions from within as well as tensions created by external factors.  When we are in the midst of such turmoil and peace seems to be beyond us it is difficult for us to be at peace with self, with others and with God.  It affects our relationships and how we deal with others.  It leads to tensions, not just within us, but also all around us.  

We live in a deeply troubled world where many are troubled and for whom peace is elusive. It has an effect on them and well as those around them:  affecting communities and nations. The world needs that shalom of God (peace of God) and our lives need the same.  And, when we are at peace then our lives are better as are the lives of those around us.  Peace radiates like a warmth bringing healing and wholeness to broken lives and a broken world.

In John’s Gospel we read some very comforting words of Jesus when he is preparing his disciples for his death.  At John 14: 1 we read, “Do not let your hearts be troubled”.  These words are followed by a promise of the place that he was going to prepare for them.  These powerful words assure us of a peace in the life to come.  But, Jesus didn’t leave it at that.  He spoke about a parting gift of peace when he said at verse 27, “Peace I live with you;  my peace I give you.  I do not give to you as the world gives”.  

That elusive peace is God’s gift to us that we might share rather than withhold, build up rather than tear down,  unite rather than divide and respect rather than deride.  It was his gift to his friends.  It is his gift to you and me.  It is the gift with the power to change and we need that change in troubled lives and in a troubled world.

  • What unsettles you in your life and in the life of the world around you?  Where have you found peace?  What does God’s peace offer to you ?

Lord, make me a channel of your peace.

Where there is hatred, let me bring your love . . .

May your peace reign in my heart and flow from my life.