28th MARCH

Freedom and reward

Luke 4: 18a

“The Spirit of the Lord is on me,

    because he has anointed me . . .”

One of the most poignant moments in the coronation of the Queen was when she was anointed with oil.  This was the only part of the service not to be televised because it was a sacred and personal moment between the Queen and her Lord.  Anointing with oil is used in numerous ways, but in this context was a symbol of the Sovereign’s dedication to God and her people.  Anointing is a sign and seal of an openness to God,  an acceptance of the values of God, a desire to live a life given to worship of God and a pledge to make a difference in God’s world.  This is a mindset and life open to each and every one of us.

Anointing is also a sign and seal of an openness to the Spirit of the Lord.  This is the same Spirit who rested upon Jesus and the same Spirit working through him throughout his ministry.  We need that Spirit upon us as well because the task that God has called us to and is continuing to call us to is one that is so very challenging.  This task asks much of us as God comes to change us from within that we might, in turn, change the world around for the better.  It is the Spirit working in us that moulds our thinking and our loving to ensure that more and more we might have the mind of Christ and his tender heart of copassion.  

To be open to God’s people, especially the most vulnerable, we first need to be open to God and his Spirit.  May we open our hearts anew to him and to each other during this season and beyond and see the difference in our lives and through our lives.

Eternal Father of my soul, let my first thought each and every day be of you,

let my first impulse be to worship you,

let my first word be your Name,

let my first action be to kneel before you in prayer.

For your perfect wisdom and goodness;

For the love you have for all people;

For love you have for me;

For the great and mysterious opportunity of my life;

For your Spirit, who dwells in my heart;

For the seven gifts of your Spirit;

I praise and worship you, O Lord.

I open my life anew to you.

In the name of Jesus.