Mark 4: 35 - 41

“Why are you so afraid? Do you still have no faith?”

I have a real aversion to rollercoasters, some might say that it is a fear but I couldn’t possibly comment!  I was persuaded to go on a children’s ride in Belgium the first year that I went with the school.  I say it was a rollercoaster, but my friends to this day maintain it was a runaway train.  What worried me was the metal guard that came down to keep us in our seats.  I wasn’t convinced that it was secure and that at any point I could’ve toppled out of the carriage.

The ride was in my book scary and I felt far from secure.  Reading this familiar story of Jesus calming the storm I think the disciples were in a very similar position.  Their problem was twofold.   Firstly, it wasn’t the most comfortable of sails with the storm stirring and water pouring into the boat.  Secondly, they didn’t seem to trust in Jesus.  It seemed to them that he wasn’t bothering and that he just didn’t care, but he did.  He responded, not to their fear, but their lack of trust in him.

We can readily find ourselves identifying with the frightened men in the boat because in life and even in the face of death we can experience fears welling up inside of us rooting us to the spot or causing us to run for the hills.  It is alright to be frightened.  It is alright to be unsettled.  It is alright to be concerned about our wellbeing of that of another.  Fears and anxieties are never condemned.  We are only human after all and are naturally unsettled when life seems to spiral out of control.

In the face of the storm we can take heart.  Jesus is not asleep.  He is never asleep.  There are times when in the midst of it we might think that the opposite is the case or that he has even disappeared, but he is always there.  He is in the midst of the storm holding us and keeping us secure in his presence.

“Will your anchor hold” is a reassuring hymn which reminds us of what it means to have our lives anchored on Christ and “grounded firm and deep in the Saviour’s love”.  In him we stand still.  With him we can weather the storm.  Through him we can achieve so much and overcome the most difficult of situations.

  • What are  your biggest fears?  How do they make you feel?  What does it mean to you to know that Christ is with you to journey through the storm and transform it to a very whisper?

“Quiet!  Be Still!”

May these words set our troubled hearts at rest.

May we know the peace of Christ which is beyond all our understanding.