Catching a glimpse . . .

Matthew 13: 10 - 17

“But blessed are your eyes because they see, and your ears because they hear.”

There seems to be a plethora of quiz programs on T.V. today.  I like a good quiz especially if I know the answers which is not always the case!  I know the answers when asked the correct questions long as the questions aren’t on popular music or sport!

Questions are always in order whatever situation we find ourselves in especially when the questions lead to new understanding on a given subject or even about life itself.  The disciples were never ever short of questions when it came to Jesus and matters of faith.  Here they have a valid question when Jesus changes his teaching style.  At this point in Matthew’s Gospel he introduces story telling as a means of opening up truths about God and about faith.  This teaching method wouldn’t have been new to the disciples who would have been used to storytelling when it came to matters of faith.

The parables are stories like any other to open up the minds and lives of listeners to new possibilities.  They were told to be heard.   This is something that I think we forget when dissecting them and looking at them in fine detail.  They were told to be heard by those who had ears to listen:  to hear what Jesus said and to listen to him intently in a way that opens up eyes of faith to what God can do and what God is already doing.  The signs of the kingdom are there for those who are open to him and in tune with him.

The parables as pictures would open their eyes to what they could see roundabout them in life and its challenges of which, at times, there are many.  The parables as pictures would point them to where God was at work and the kind of people he was working through: faithful committed people who lived the spirit of the law built on love for God and love for others.

The parables still open our eyes because the issues that Jesus touched on are the same issues that we are struggling with today and the signs that God is at work are still as visible to us even today.  We need ears to hear and listen, eyes of faith to catch a glimpse of where God is at work and a willingness to respond.

  • Where do you see God at work?  What are the signs of the seeds bursting into life in your life and your world?

Lord, give me the patience to be still . . .

to recognise your presence . . .

to catch a glimpse of your glory . . .

to know your strength and power in my life.

For you are here and you are always there.