It’s a small world!

Well, we're here in Sarria ready for the first day of walking tomorrow (Sunday) and I'm feeling at home already - it's raining. When I got off the plane at Santiago I thought we'd taken a detour to Glasgow on Fair Friday because it was so wet!

I met six of the pilgrims last night at the hotel in Stansted and, guess what?  You will never believe it. There is a Saltcoats connection. Sarah from Bradford  and I know someone in common, Isla Dowds. She is a Saltcoats lass and we've probably known each other for fifty years. Her mum was the school nurse, a lovely lady who sat next to me in the church where I grew up.  It is indeed a small world and, albeit slowly, it is good to see that world opening up again after lockdown.

I knew that it wouldn't be long until I made a connection which is something that we Scots are good at.  Having had a chat with various members of the group I realise, yes, that we are all different - different backgrounds, different stories, different reasons for being on the Camino. This is part of the attraction of such a trip of course. We're different but that desire to walk the way of countless pilgrims is what has brought us together as has a passion to see a better, fairer world for all in our support of Traidcraft Exchange. What a different  world we would find ourselves living in if we celebrated differences more and shared a common desire to build bridges rather than walls, to create a fairer world where all matter and all have a decent start in life and a life of plenty.

Jesus prayed earnestly with is disciples in John's Gospel that they might be one (John 17:21).  Paul gave thanks to his friends at Philippi for their "partnership in the Gospel" (Philippians 1:5).  May that prayer come life in a partnership where we share who we are and what we have to honour God and honour his image in each other. 

May the words my mouth,

the meditation of our hearts,

the love we have to share and

the service of our lives

be acceptable to you and pleasing in your sight

O God our strength and our redeemer.